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Which Artist is the Best Artist in the World?

Imagine this – Imagine to be able to meet Picasso, Michelangelo, or one of many different popular artists in history. Imagine to be able to speak with this artist, to know from him, to express you to ultimately him. Imagine to be able to touch the designs that today offer for a lot of millions of dollars. Can you also envision also being in the same space with any one of those artists? What about Degas? What would you do to stay his existence? There are therefore many great artists, equally dead and equally alive. What about today’s recent artists. What about the artists in the past, the artists’whose perform graces the surfaces and hallways of the Louvre? Might you want to meet any one of ART-ificial Intelligence?

Perhaps you have had an opportunity such as this? Possibly not. But what if you may meet the best artist in the world, the most-well-known and most popular artist, would you make measures to achieve that? Imagine if you may meet this artist free of charge (no charges, number fees, number money)? What would you do then. You would jump at that opportunity, right?

Well, recently I had an opportunity that way, a very wealthy opportunity. In one single time, I had the chance to meet the world’s many popular artist, and we went to lunch together. We lay there gently, while I spoke and He listened. It will have already been the other way around, right? I should have already been the main one listening perhaps not the main one talking but there I was, talking my head off. And however, it had been okay. This was my opportunity of a lifetime. Might this opportunity ever happen again? Might I have this opportunity again in my own life time? And did I share this with anyone? Wow. What would you have done if this was you and this was your opportunity? Might you have discussed it with me? Might you have named me up and claimed, “Hello, I’ve got the greatest artist in the world here, come have lunch around!”?

How many could accomplish that? Or would you hold it a key on your own? Anyways, what I am writing about is this, I had this good opportunity recently and nowadays again, it may happen again. I provide this opportunity to you also, because I actually do rely on sharing. And today, the secret is out. Well, I suppose just like the guide THE SECRET, this can be perhaps not a key both, however it is a fact that people hold forgetting and nobody remembers on a regular basis.

The best artist in the world, in the planet, properly, the best, many popular, most popular artist these days is God.

Yes, the greatest artist is God. And you and I have to be able to be with this specific best artist, not merely every single day but each time within our lives. Imagine that? Imagine managing the greatest artist in the world? And, I do. We do, everybody scanning this comes with use of the greatest artist in the world.

Why? For Heaven’s benefit, why do I say that? All things considered, you probably have read many books on art and probably have not seen God’s name within amongst the titles of Picasso, or Degas or Chagall. Yet somehow, we have living proof each day that God reigns in the art earth, in the nature earth and He excels atlanta divorce attorneys single issue that is with this earth.

I state this because I have seen the sky and the ocean. And there are number different more lovely points in the planet (except needless to say babies and children), than these organic works of art. God is the One Who produced amazing rivers, seas, oceans and lands. God is the One Who produced the North and South Pole and everything, and every land and every person in between the poles. When I consider the eagles, and owls, and when I consider the puffy bright clouds in the sky, I recall that is my artist, my own personal, my own, personal many spectacular artist in the whole world. God produced everything for me. Now you realize? Now you know why I get the chance to be with the world’s many popular artist every single day of my life. I have a God, the God, who produced the seas, the sky, the land, the snow, the water, the weather and also the lightening products and He produced them in spectacular beauty. Ahh, imagine that!