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What is Search Engine Optimization?

If you are a business owner, you might be wondering that what exactly Search Engine Optimization is? And how you can expand your business by using these services? Or maybe you are thinking that why do you need these services? In the end you might be thinking about the expenses you will have to bear against these services!

Frist of all we will have a look on what exactly SEO is? Let’s go!

Well, it is an abbreviation for Search engine Optimization, seems something very technical right? It is not that much technical and soon you will get a clear idea of it. To understand it in simple words we can say that it is to get your website on the first page of search engine’s searches so that you can get more traffic on your website. In this way when you will get more traffic then you surely will see the progress in your business.

These days many businesses are selling their services or products online, and due to this reason the competition is getting harder and harder. Search engines do have a way to know that which website deserves to be on the first page and which should not. SEO tells that how to rank your website on the first page of search engine and you will have to follow SEO strategies if you want to rank your website and get more business online.

Now, we will get into depth of SEO by checking out the components of SEO, later on in this article we will discuss everything in detail.

There are many smaller components of SEO such as:

  • Content writing
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Key-phrase optimization
  • Keyword optimization etc.

Extensive research is done in order to determine that what exactly is needed in some specific website, what changes should be done and what actions should be done. A time is allotted to take specific actions, it is not like that you will have to stuff everything up in the website and wait for it to get ranked. Rather it is the way to know that when to do what!

We will now more on to the next question that why do you need SEO services for your business or website?

In order to get better ranking almost all the websites out there do need Search Engine Optimization.

We are clear here that if you are reading this page then it means you really want to know about SEO, and how it works. So, we will tell you everything about it! Just keep reading.

We will try to understand it through an example, you need to suppose that if you are looking for a business or vendor what will you do? You surely will get your phonebook out and check someone from there, you will do a little bit of research before finalizing someone. You might check four or five people and then you will take a decision to finalize one of them. You might call some business owners or your friends, to ask that who they use for this specific task, which you are seeking.

If you are smart enough then you would search online for specific service!

After that you will get a few recommendations from your friends and business owners, and then you can narrow down your list. In the end, you will visit all of them in person to get a better idea of which one is the best, after checking out the reviews of the people who hired their service before.

You surely will get the top company in this way, if you follow all of this, then you can work with the one you selected and you will not regret your decision of selecting that company.

Now, what did we learn from this example? It is to tell you that this is the same process we do in SEO, or the process how SEO works. There are thousands of websites there, multiple of factors will come into consideration when ranking a website on the first page. For example, user satisfaction, popularity, quality of the website etc. Without these factors Google will have trouble to rank your website on the first page, so you should take care of all these.

SEO send signals to these search engines so that eventually your website will be pushed on the top or on the first page.

Now, you have an idea that if you are a business owner then you need SEO services due to that fact that they will send right signals to the search Engines, in order to get your website on the top.

You might be thinking that how are you going to do SEO for your website? It is a long and time taking process, how you are going to manage it?

SEO Services

You do not have to worry about it if you know nothing about all these factors of SEO and you do not want to do it anyway. If this is the case, then you ought to know about the companies who are providing SEO services.

Yes! This is right. There are various companies who are offering SEO services and they will help you to rank your website on the first page of Google, they will assist you to create amazing content, help you to make your website perform better, and many other things on the way.

It is amazing, right?

What is the difference between different SEO companies or SEO expert offering these services? Well, it can be different in a way that what do they offer? Their chares and the results you are going to get. There are many SEO services who provide their clients with full surety that they are going to get results, so if a company provide you with this type of guarantee and they also offer money back if there are not desired results then you should go for this company.

We have to get into more detail about the SEO services a company can offer so that you will know more about it and eventually you will select the best company out there.

Factors of Search Engine Optimization

So, here we will discuss SEO factors so that when you are selecting a company to get the SEO done, then you make sure that they are providing you with all the necessary services. Here you go!

  1. Keyword research

First of all, keyword research is done so that the right keywords are selected and then work can be done on them. There are many software available online to help you with keyword research both paid and free of cost, you can try them on your own, or else an SEO expert can do it for you. In this way you can get the right keywords so that you can move on to the next step that will be creating content out of those keywords.

You should know about your competitors that what keywords they are ranking so that you can get the better ones and can rank above them.

After getting the perfect keywords, a complete strategy should be planned by the SEO expert or service provider. For example, if the keywords are low in competition then they can be ranked easily without much of work, but if the competition is high on those keywords then more work would be needed.

  1. Initial optimization of the website

Now that we are done with keyword research, we will move on to optimizing the website lightly with these selected keywords. These keywords will be used in some areas of the website so that people will land on your website when they will search your keywords. These keywords would be used on the Meta description of your website, and same places like this. The title and initial description must be updated with these keywords as well, and it will include your business name and other important things.

You will have to update all the important things on the first page of the website as well as on the other pages of the website. When you add short paragraphs and sentences on different pages of your website then eventually it will give a chance to add more related keywords to your website. In the end your website will get better ranking than before. It may be challenging to stuff all the related keywords into your website, but the service providers will get a way to do that so you will not have to worry about it. They will find a way to fit the keywords naturally in the text so that the visitors may not find it awkward and they will enjoy surfing and reading your website.

  1. Submission

If your website is brand new and you want it to get ranked on the first page of Google then you should keep this thing in your mind that it not will be that much easy as it seems to be. If you have got a new website then you should submit it to the search engine. Most of the times, search engine do crawl your website by the links your website has got but if you do not want to wait, then you should submit your website so that the search engine can review it and it will get easier to rank it.

After submitting, when the search engine will be satisfied by your website and when it will find that the keywords are not stuffed awkwardly, and are natural then your website will be able to appear in the search results sooner than later.

In the next step you will move towards improving your rankings as your website is indexed and already appearing in the search results.

  1. Content creation

You must have seen lots of content on the websites your visit on daily basis, either it is some educational website, online store or some service provider, they do have a lot of content on their website. Why is Content important for your website? Remember we have talked about keyword placement? Yeah, the first reason of content creation is to place the keywords in it so that your website can be ranked. The second reason is that whenever someone will visit your website he will have something to read making him stay on your website and learn more about your services or products and your company. When you will create quality content, it will improve the user experience on your website, we will talk about the importance of user experience in the next step, keep on reading.

  1. User experience

You are done with basic SEO, now you ought to improve the user experience on your website. For example, the website is appearing in search results and if someone visits your website, if the experience of the person is good, he might come back again, but if the experience is bad he will not be happy by the services; eventually he will not be interested in your business. If you are having an online store and it is pretty much difficult to find all the products then it will be unattractive to the person who will visit and he will not buy anything and he will leave instantly. So, you should work on improving user experience so that you can make the visitors happy.

  1. Link building

Here comes the important part of SEO, which is link building. We have talked about on page and now link building comes in off page SEO, which means that you will have to build the links leading to your website on the other websites. In this way people will trust your website and you will get the visitors of other websites on your website directly. You will have to do this when your keyword has a very high competition and you want to rank it at any cost.

End note

So, this was all about Search Engine Optimization, we hope that now you have a clear understanding of what actually is SEO.

Happy Optimizing!



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