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How Shopping Bags Evolved Through Time?

The very first shopping bags were created in 1912 by a grocery store owner named Walter H. Deubner because he pointed out that his customers are having difficulty shopping and limit their purchases because of inconvenience of carrying most of the shopping items to their homes. At the time shopping bags were first launched available in the market it was sold for 5 cents, exactly the same price most “wholesale outlets” charge these days.

Few decades ago, marketing experts seen that printing their company logo on a case may help their brand get more exposure and set up a strong relationship with their clients. Through the era of indoor shopping malls, buyers would visit every store within their area and ostentatiously carry the logo of the retailer where they only bought items from. At that time, the consumers embraced advertising on the paper shopping bags that have been free and an easy task to carry. Through the entire 80’s until early 2000’s, ถุงคราฟท์ were considered as a status symbol. Those that buy fewer items from shops buy a case but in the case of large multinational businesses that paid for goods in bulk, bags are supplied for free. For high class retailers, the standard and eminence of their bag became part of their business’trademark. Now, you can find retailers who offer heavy duty reusable tote bags for only $1-$5, but many consumers didn’t buy this kind of marketing strategy. In the first place, why would buyers pay to advertise your company?

Several years and decades have passed until industry has changed their view on shopping bag. Today, most consumers consider shopping bag as one of many culprit to environmentally friendly damages. For that reason, entrepreneurs today are finding ways how we can lessen our plastic wastes in the landfills and large bodies of water. Nowadays, promotional bags aren’t only utilized as marketing tool and a way raise your retail business’sales but it can also be useful for promoting public environmental awareness.

Now, more and more businesses are switching to the more ecological means of advertising their business through the usage of green bags. You can find businesses that could offer and deliver cloth bags right at your door, in this manner they have the ability to encourage and persuade buyers to use green bags easily and save the surroundings at exactly the same time.

Each day, as you walk down the street you will realize that more folks are utilizing their reusable paper shopping bags or canvas tote bags not only for shopping but also for other purpose, too. Students, mothers and even professionals are enthusiastic about using these fancy bags due to its environmental benefit to the community.